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Basic Obedience is every dog’s basic need in the human world.  Correction for bad behavior starts with Basic Obedience.  Advance Obedience is needed to advance the dogs’ skills and if the owner is interested, to pass the AKC Canine Good Citizen Test.   I train your dog and you are educated too!  The dog handler learns the commands and earns the respect of your dog …..and a partnership grows. 

Therapy Dogs have a purpose…they visit patients and the home-bound population and other venues.  These dogs require a pleasing personality and can be any breed or mixed breed. They require Basic  Obedience training, and the ability to entertain.  I can help you select a dog or puppy, or we can use your current pet to train it for manners and special skillsets.

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At Angel Dogs, we are working to create hope and the opportunity for a better world. 

Service Dogs have Basic and Advanced Obedience training plus they learn the more intricate skills needed to help their owner in their daily activities that vary from person to person. Daily activities include picking up or carrying items, opening doors, pushing buttons, and being a Therapy dog too. I work closely with the dog owner through a one-year program. Why be on a waiting list for 3-7 years?

Dedicated to making real, meaningful differences in our community. Our work is driven by a core group of idealistic individuals who realize the power to effect change comes from their tireless efforts.

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Angel Dogs for Service & Therapy is a Progressive Organization

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