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Mary Stillman is a Certified Professional (Dog) Trainer (CPT) through the National K-9 School for Dog Trainers, Columbus, Ohio. She also has a Career Diploma from Penn Foster Career School for Dog Obedience Trainer/Instructor and a Penn Foster Certificate of Completion for Natural Health Care for Pets. Her experience with 6 year old German Shepherd Dog, Gman, pictured here, is a Service Dog, a Therapy Dog, and an exceptional Lead Dog and assists in training of dogs in her program. 

Mary loves dealing with people and their beloved canines.Teaching dogs to be mannerly and learning how they can please you makes your relationship grow with your companion. Mary also specializes in training Service Dogs for people that need assistance in their daily lives. She began her career training Tammy, a boxer, to be a Service Dog to her Brother, a Vietnam Veteran. She is currently working for a young lady in Colorado, who will receive her service dog, Jackson, Labrador Retriever. Mary will spend 7-10 days acclimating Jackson to his new environment and teaching the new client Jackson's commands and skill sets. Mary is dedicated to being a lifelong consultant to her clients.

I love training dogs and see their full potential in becoming your best companion. 

for service and therapy

Mary Stillman