Dogs need a purpose. 

Dog Training

for service and therapy

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They are most happy when they are in an environment in which they know what is expected of them. 

Dogs know when they have pleased you because you reward them (praise, treats, walks), and they want to do it again. Our dogs are trained to be mannerly with Basic Obedience commands and that lends itself to good communication with its dog handler. Handlers should be trained to learn their canine’s behaviors and practice commands that reinforce the good behaviors. It is the first step in your dog becoming a Therapy Dog. See section on Therapy Dogs. 

Advanced Obedience training keeps the line of communication open that was established with Basic Obedience training. You will want to work towards qualifying your dog for the AKC Good Canine Citizen Test. Advanced Obedience Training will take 2-3 months. These dogs may go on to do agility course training, or be a show dog, police dog, rescue dog, or service dog. 

See section on Service Dogs. We can assess if your dog is eligible to become a Service Dog.
I believe in balancing the day with training, rewards, and exercise. Socializing with humans and other dogs, long walks, treadmill and agility course exercises are a needed part of our program to keep your dog healthy, build confidence, and keep them willing to learn more. Let us write a specialized program to meet your goals with your canine.