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Service Dogs are Working Angels

Service Dogs

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Understanding the customers’ needs is the highlight to Mary’s career, and training dogs for this rewarding experience is the gratification. 

Service dogs that give assistance to their owners require 12 months to train. (Basic Obedience, Advanced Obedience, AKC testing, socialization, specialized skill sets, etc.). Your dog must be a working breed, preferably full bred. We will advise, but you may choose your puppy. We will raise him/her to be your Service Dog for 12 months to 18 months. You may visit during the year. Many people, such as Veterans, or those waiting for a Grant to be approved for their Service Dog, need assistance now! But they must wait for a Service Dog that takes 5 to 7 years! We promise you we can fulfill your needs in a year. If the Service Dog is needed for balance and weight-bearing, the dog will be ready in 18 months. 

I will meet with you anywhere in the U.S.A., assess your needs, match your needs to the dog breeds that can provide you service, introduce you to breeders I have used, and give you an idea of what the program entails. We will work together in providing you your Service Dog. You will be responsible for purchasing the dog, Vet bills, food, dog trainer fee and the delivery of the dog to you. I will be responsible for your dog’s welfare, vet apt, dog equipment, training tools and treats. I work closely with you as the Service Dog will be trained for your special assistant needs. Phone calls, texting, pictures and videos are the main communication until you, the owner, receives your Service Dog. It will be certified and licensed. Upon delivery, I drive your Service Dog to you. I introduce the Service Dog to you, and spend 4-6 weeks adjusting you with your new dog, and your dog to the new environment. I show the skill sets and commands he/she knows, and train your dog new skills as needed. You will also learn how to create new commands or adjust current commands to your needs. Angel Dogs for Service and Therapy is a lifelong consultant to you. 

People who want an assistance dog, want a dog at their side all day, picking up something you have dropped, carrying objects, getting your shoes or boots, giving you stability as you walk, go down stairs, get up or down, waking you upon an alarm, assisting in pushing buttons or levers, stepping on something, barking when a stranger comes to your house, or barking to be let out or to be fed. 
A Service Dog costs $6,000. This cost is spread over the year in quarterly payments of $1,500.