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THERAPY DOGS – Giving Therapy to Others and You

I am working with a professional woman who drives to venues to sell products needed for patients who need assistance with their anxiety, or who live in pain, that need a lift in their spirit. Her Therapy Dog helps to brighten the lives of many people.

Besides food, water and exercise, dogs are most happy when they are in an environment in which they know what is expected of them. They want to be part of your life, learn what you like, and do what pleases you. You will be responsible for the cost of your Service Dog - They are rewarded for these actions.

A good mannered Therapy Dog takes a couple of months depending upon the age and environment of your canine. A puppy can begin training at 8 weeks old. You may use your current canine if he/she has a good start in manners, and we will enhance those manners, add socialization, tricks, etc. Our program of $20.00 a day with boarding is a perfect way to give your dog Basic Obedience and Tricks and get your dog ready for the role of Therapy Dog.

Every Dog can be a Therapy Dog